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Buying a Resale home in El Paso, Texas

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Buying a resale home

Try to remember that it is not a new home!

After you have negotiated the sales price, you will have paid a nominal fee ($25-100) for the right to terminate the offer within a specified number of days.

During this time you will be doing your due diligence, such as a home and termite inspection and any other inspection you want to have done.

After you do the inspection,  then through your Agent,  you will negotiate for repairs with the seller. Sometimes it is better to just get a credit  at closing in lieu of repairs and get them done by people you know and trust unless it is a lender required repair and in that situation they would have to be done prior to closing.

Thinking of buying or selling a home in the El Paso Region? We want to represent you  through the whole process. Give us a call at Dan Olivas and Associates 915-584-5430

Real Estate Service is About Meeting Your Needs!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

The difference in El Paso real estate service may vary from agent to agent, in some cases the difference can be subtle and other cases it can be blatant.  Here are some things that you as a client might want to pay close attention to when you are seeking a Realtor to represent your interests.

Number one: Ask them to share with you 4 or 5 of their most recent clients information so that you can contact them if you wish to?

Number two: Ask them to outline their strategy in working with clients, (If their strategy is not totally client based this could be a red flag).  Every client has a personal reason for buying or selling and it’s around that reason that your agent should be formulating their strategy!

Number three:  Ask your agent to identify two examples of extraordinary service in real estate.

Number four: Ask your agent if they have developed a team that can ensure that when it comes to related needs within the real estate transaction your will get top notch service and extraordinary service.

As I continue to post blogs I will add more details on this subject;

When it comes to your real estate needs within the El Paso and Southern New Mexico area, we will earn your trust. Call Dan Olivas and Associates at 915-584-5430.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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