I have been a member of a gym for years, currently the gym I belong to is one of those low rate- come in and work out whenever you want to plan.

Recently one of my clients bought an office warehouse complex in El Paso, Texas and one of the tenants happened to be someone that I used to work out with several years ago.  She mentioned a new place “Fit 30” where she works out.   I went and checked it out.   It turned out to be a great find.

If you’re looking for a small gym where you always have a trainer helping, guiding and motivating you, check out Alan Cooksey’s Fit 30 located at 936 Sunland Park Dr. Suite 103 El Paso, Texas 79912. 915-845-3030.

I quickly found out that it didn’t matter what level of condition I was in, I could still do the workouts at my pace and quickly see so many benefits, I now sleep all night, (sleeping all night has made a huge difference in my daily life) my clothes fit better, my blood pressure went down, I’m dropping weight and my energy level is higher.

I strongly recommend that you do yourself a favor, call Alan today!  Then go check out his gym.   His workout program is only 30 minutes long and his pricing is very reasonable.

Dan Olivas