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2014 Amigo Airsho!!

by John Olivas

The 2014 Amigo Airsho opened to a far smaller crowd at it’s new home in the Santa Teresa airport, formally referred to as the Dona Ana International Jetport at Santa Teresa, this past weekend.  New Mexico authorities imposed a limit of 13,000 total attendees per day at the event, compared to over 50,000 per day in previous shows, and it looks like the show easily attracted that many each day.  Having been held on the Biggs Army Airfield for the past 28 (or so) years, it was no small feat to uproot and replant the show 26 miles away!  But, the volunteers prevailed and put on a great show in spite of wind and rain on the show days. 

The headline act was the Unites States Thunderbirds, who flew their F-16 jets in a bone shaking display of power and precision flying.  Leading to the Thunderbirds were a variety of other high performance aircraft including, Franklin’s Flying Circus with Kyle Franklin, Rifle Airshows with Joe Shetterly, the US Army Golden Knights parachute team and even a jet powered school bus.  In the end, though, it was the jet powered outhouse that got the most laughs from the crowd. 

On Sunday the field was hastily cleared as a brief but intense thundershower lumbered over the field leaving an amazing double-rainbow over the airstrip.  The rain shortened the father-son act of Greg and Joe Shetterly.  Greg and son Joe each flew high performance propeller aircraft in a death defying show of what looks like close-calls and near-misses, but which are really a highly choreographed maneuvers.  Later, the Thunderbirds called their show off early as bolts of lightning could be seen off to the west where more showers were brewing. Even with the rain and the adjusted show schedule, the happy smiles I saw made me understand that these folks get it;  it’s all part of the show and you never know what will happen at this now regional event.  

The show had a new feel to it with the new location and smaller size; a good feel.  You should definitely put this event on your calendar for next year.  I know that along with every other Amigo Airsho enthusiast, my wish is for the show to prosper in Santa Teresa for many more years to come! 

Contributed by John Olivas, 13 year airshow volunteer with the Amigo Airsho



Trouble Sleeping?? Try This!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I have been a member of a gym for years, currently the gym I belong to is one of those low rate- come in and work out whenever you want to plan.

Recently one of my clients bought an office warehouse complex in El Paso, Texas and one of the tenants happened to be someone that I used to work out with several years ago.  She mentioned a new place “Fit 30” where she works out.   I went and checked it out.   It turned out to be a great find.

If you’re looking for a small gym where you always have a trainer helping, guiding and motivating you, check out Alan Cooksey’s Fit 30 located at 936 Sunland Park Dr. Suite 103 El Paso, Texas 79912. 915-845-3030.

I quickly found out that it didn’t matter what level of condition I was in, I could still do the workouts at my pace and quickly see so many benefits, I now sleep all night, (sleeping all night has made a huge difference in my daily life) my clothes fit better, my blood pressure went down, I’m dropping weight and my energy level is higher.

I strongly recommend that you do yourself a favor, call Alan today!  Then go check out his gym.   His workout program is only 30 minutes long and his pricing is very reasonable.

Dan Olivas

Real Estate Service is About Meeting Your Needs!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

The difference in El Paso real estate service may vary from agent to agent, in some cases the difference can be subtle and other cases it can be blatant.  Here are some things that you as a client might want to pay close attention to when you are seeking a Realtor to represent your interests.

Number one: Ask them to share with you 4 or 5 of their most recent clients information so that you can contact them if you wish to?

Number two: Ask them to outline their strategy in working with clients, (If their strategy is not totally client based this could be a red flag).  Every client has a personal reason for buying or selling and it’s around that reason that your agent should be formulating their strategy!

Number three:  Ask your agent to identify two examples of extraordinary service in real estate.

Number four: Ask your agent if they have developed a team that can ensure that when it comes to related needs within the real estate transaction your will get top notch service and extraordinary service.

As I continue to post blogs I will add more details on this subject;

When it comes to your real estate needs within the El Paso and Southern New Mexico area, we will earn your trust. Call Dan Olivas and Associates at 915-584-5430.

Moving into your new El Paso home!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Moving can be a stress filled ordeal.  Please don’t compound the situation by hiring the lowest price mover you can and I say this from experiences that I have seen some of my clients go through.  They thought they had gotten a good deal only to find out that once their furniture was loaded up the price changed and now their furniture was being held for ransom.  

The reason given for the change in price was always the same, the load was bigger than they calculated.  Don’t get caught up in one of these scams, always hire a firm with a good reputation - you don’t want you move to El Paso and into your new El Paso home to be  ruined by a shady mover.

What a rewarding profession!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I was thinking this morning about what I find rewarding in what I do and this is what I came up with:  meeting new families and then being able to help them buy or sell their home is one of the wonderful perks of being in this great profession called real estate.  Being able to accommodate the buyer’s reasons for wanting to buy a home is something that one never tires of.  This profession has taught me so much and one of the most important lessons has been the art or skill of listening to all the important personal individual reasons for their wanting to buy.  People buy for their reasons not mine and I hope I never lose sight of this.  You can’t have a bigger rush then to see someone embark on a new journey in their new home where they will now create life long memories.

At Dan Olivas and Associates we feel that helping families like yours create life long memories in your new home is a Nobel endeavor. 

Our El Paso real estate market is doing well; nice homes priced correctly are selling. Interest rates remain low.  Call us! 

Buyers Buy For Their Reasons Not Yours!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

When it comes to buying a home nobody likes being sold!  Residential real estate is a very personal and emotional decision - buyers buy for their own reasons.  Successful agents find out what these reasons are and then help facilitate the sale based on those reasons.  It’s very important not only to learn, but also to understand the personal and emotional components involved in the process.  This can only be accomplished by agents listening with purpose to the buyer’s reasons for buying and believing that they, the agent, can serve as a catalyst to the buyer reaching their goals.  This is why building relationships is important: with all things being equal, buyers prefer to do business with people they like and trust, and with all things not being equal buyers still prefer to do business with people they like and trust.

Bottom line is: buyer’s reasons for buying certainly vary, but several things remain constant, those agents that become the most successful in this profession of real estate know the importance of:

  1. Building strong relationships
  2. Helping  buyers solve problems and
  3. Helping buyers attain what they want

El Paso market continues to show signs of being and getting stronger.

Dan Olivas and Associates are committed to earn your confidence by helping you reach your goals.  


Knowledge Is Everything!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Are you in the market for a home here in

El Paso?  


What is the best way for you to determine the value of any particular home?

Go to Zillow?

Go to Trulia?

Have confidence in your agent?

The answer is easy, have confidence in your agent and here is why this answer is easy:

Your agent knows this market, hopefully you have chosen to work with Dan, Patti or John from Dan Olivas & Associates.

Your agent will have all the correct sales prices for all the comparable homes that have sold.

Your agent represents your best interest.

Dog Parking!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I have three dogs Fizbo, Max and Peggy.  There are two Bichons and Peggy a Maltese.  Their first adventure to a dog park resulted in all three having a great time and their reaction was totally different than the way they act around other dogs while restrained on their leashes. The socialization and interaction with other dogs at the park and their owners was a great experience.

The park is in an area surrounded by residential homes off of High Ridge in West El Paso and it is divided into two areas, small dogs and big dogs.

If you haven’t taken your dogs to a dog park I highly recommend it.  Find a dog park in your area - your dogs will love it.  You will be amazed at how much fun your dogs will have and how much fun you will have watching them.

Have fun Dog Parking!



Is buying a home a pleasant or frustrating experience?

by Dan & Patti Olivas

So You Want to Buy a Home!

Here are a few pointers to make your experience a pleasant one:

Choose a Realtor that will listen to you, one that understands the importance of this investment that you are making. Make sure your Realtor conveys the message to you that this whole process is about you. You don't need a chauffeur you need someone that knows how to assemble a team of experts in their particular field and are focused on making this a memorable and seamless process for you.

By team I am talking I am talking about the  Loan officer, title officer, Inspector (you will choose the inspector, but your Realtor should provide you with a list of inspectors), your insurance agent is also part of this team and any other expert that needs to be brought into the mix.  Above all your Realtor should be the person that is guiding you through the entire process.  Your Realtor should walk you through this process  starting at the very beginning.

Be clear on what you are  looking for. Example: is your preference a two story or single level home, and is it new or a resale? Have your Realtor explain the advantages.  Do you care if it has  evaporated air or refrigerated air conditioning? Again if you don't know the differences have it explained to you. Be sure you are  being realistic taking into consideration your budget and the realization that there is no such thing as "that perfect house".

When you’re out looking at homes, if you walk into a home that you know immediately isn't going to work for you,do yourself and your Realtor a big favor tell them, "let’s not waste time this one won't work."

When you find the home you want to make an offer on your Realtor will do a  market analysis for you in order to guide you on where to start your offer and then they will do all the negotiations on your behalf.  If you're offering on a new home there will be minimal negotiations on the price, however, most builders will be offering buyer incentives. Your Realtor will attend the closing with you.

Look for more tips in the coming weeks.

Happy home buying!

It's about the Kids!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

s vibrancy and the educational level of their work force.  Any way I look at this correlation, I always come away with the same conclusion: economic prosperity will ebb and flow with our schools ability or inability to turn out students that are prepared for life, college and that have a grasp of the importance of having a good character.  So if this is the case and if our community is not a thriving center of opportunities, lets focus on the outcome that our schools are producing!

Here is how I see it:

1. The community needs to set the parameters for what is expected from the schools and what the result will be when our children start and finish school. In other words, as our children start school they should already be on a track to college and when they finish high school they should be college or community college ready!

2. The focus above everything has to be "the kids".   It's not about brick and mortar, teacher’s tenure, teacher's unions, superintendents and their administrations.  No, its about “The Kids”.

3.  Every parent should have the expectation that their child will have the very best teachers possible. We should demand teachers  that will make a difference in a child's life and every parent needs to understand that they also  have a responsibility.  Parents can not just send the kids to school and expect that the school will produce educated model citizens ready for life and college. No, this has to be a collaborative effort and the parents play a pivotal role in  this.  Without the parents involvement this will not succeed.

4. School board members should be expected to understand that their job is one of extreme importance.  To be elected to the school board should require a proficiency of understanding the vastness and complexity of running a school and should also require the ability to read and understand a budget. Every board member needs to understand the connection between the setting of good strong policies and the end result of producing kids that are college ready. This will ensure a future society that is not only successful but also contributes back to society. Every elected Board member should be focused on "kids first" and there are no sacred cows, its only about the Kids.  Every decision the board makes needs to be vetted with "how will this benefit the kids".  For too long,  societies solution to the educational problem  has been simply  throw  money it and our  continuing dismal results shows this model does not work. We continue to lag behind many other countries educationally. 

5. An ongoing effort should be initiated to educate parents as to the difference they can make by being an involved parent in their child's school life.  Part of this education should be the recognition that "parents are a child's first and most important teacher. " It's reported in many quarters that the best investment a community can make in education is in early education. We should be focusing on this fact.  We can all  play a positive role in the intervention of educating parents.  Something as simple as reading to their children at an early age and doing it daily can  be  transformational  in a child’s life.  I don’t believe that there is a parent out there  regardless of their  social economic or education level,  that doesn't want their child to do better than they have done.

6.  Good teachers should be compensated with  higher salaries.   Let's pay  good teachers a higher salary.  Instead of always seeking bond issues for brick and mortar, let's make raising good teachers salary a priority. Lets also make sure that every child has access to the best tools that are out there, all this before brick and mortar.

7.  Educating kids should be a competitive exercise.  If you  can't produce the results that a parent expects then parents should have the right to choose an alternative school. Simply give parents a choice-this will improve education.

8. I know that if we don’t correct the current school outcomes, that this community, this region and country face a bleak future. In my mind the solution is not in Austin or in Washington, its right here at the local level.  The day the community decides that the responsibility rests in its hands is the day that the power to make dramatic changes shifts from the politicians to the true stakeholders, the parents and the business community.



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