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Moving into your new El Paso home!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Moving can be a stress filled ordeal.  Please don’t compound the situation by hiring the lowest price mover you can and I say this from experiences that I have seen some of my clients go through.  They thought they had gotten a good deal only to find out that once their furniture was loaded up the price changed and now their furniture was being held for ransom.  

The reason given for the change in price was always the same, the load was bigger than they calculated.  Don’t get caught up in one of these scams, always hire a firm with a good reputation - you don’t want you move to El Paso and into your new El Paso home to be  ruined by a shady mover.

What a rewarding profession!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I was thinking this morning about what I find rewarding in what I do and this is what I came up with:  meeting new families and then being able to help them buy or sell their home is one of the wonderful perks of being in this great profession called real estate.  Being able to accommodate the buyer’s reasons for wanting to buy a home is something that one never tires of.  This profession has taught me so much and one of the most important lessons has been the art or skill of listening to all the important personal individual reasons for their wanting to buy.  People buy for their reasons not mine and I hope I never lose sight of this.  You can’t have a bigger rush then to see someone embark on a new journey in their new home where they will now create life long memories.

At Dan Olivas and Associates we feel that helping families like yours create life long memories in your new home is a Nobel endeavor. 

Our El Paso real estate market is doing well; nice homes priced correctly are selling. Interest rates remain low.  Call us! 

Buyers Buy For Their Reasons Not Yours!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

When it comes to buying a home nobody likes being sold!  Residential real estate is a very personal and emotional decision - buyers buy for their own reasons.  Successful agents find out what these reasons are and then help facilitate the sale based on those reasons.  It’s very important not only to learn, but also to understand the personal and emotional components involved in the process.  This can only be accomplished by agents listening with purpose to the buyer’s reasons for buying and believing that they, the agent, can serve as a catalyst to the buyer reaching their goals.  This is why building relationships is important: with all things being equal, buyers prefer to do business with people they like and trust, and with all things not being equal buyers still prefer to do business with people they like and trust.

Bottom line is: buyer’s reasons for buying certainly vary, but several things remain constant, those agents that become the most successful in this profession of real estate know the importance of:

  1. Building strong relationships
  2. Helping  buyers solve problems and
  3. Helping buyers attain what they want

El Paso market continues to show signs of being and getting stronger.

Dan Olivas and Associates are committed to earn your confidence by helping you reach your goals.  


Dog Parking!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I have three dogs Fizbo, Max and Peggy.  There are two Bichons and Peggy a Maltese.  Their first adventure to a dog park resulted in all three having a great time and their reaction was totally different than the way they act around other dogs while restrained on their leashes. The socialization and interaction with other dogs at the park and their owners was a great experience.

The park is in an area surrounded by residential homes off of High Ridge in West El Paso and it is divided into two areas, small dogs and big dogs.

If you haven’t taken your dogs to a dog park I highly recommend it.  Find a dog park in your area - your dogs will love it.  You will be amazed at how much fun your dogs will have and how much fun you will have watching them.

Have fun Dog Parking!



Let's Meter them to death!

by Dan and Patti Olivas


Todays  El Paso Times headline is about the city having the desire to increase parking meter fees from $.75 per hour to a whopping $2.50 per hour and to expand the time an additional 4 hours to 10:00 pm.  This brilliant idea in order to add to the city coffers by taking advantage of the traffic that the new ball park is certain to create.  

Is this an April fool’s joke or is the City simply foolish? 

The folks down at city hall live in a bubble of blindness.  If their goal is to discourage people from coming downtown, which has a limited amount of parking already, increasing the parking meter costs will do it!  It’s unfortunate that most government employees have no idea that more regulations, higher taxes and bureaucratic intrusion, discourage businesses from starting up or expanding.  The cities role should be one of making it easier for business to succeed not erecting more barriers.

Why aren't they working on innovative ideas that would encourage more people to visit the businesses downtown?  Ideas like, free parking would bring more commerce to business, encouraging them to hire more people who in turn spend more money on other products, that’s the way economies expand and bring vibrancy to communities. 

It’s my opinion that, if El Paso wants to reach its potential, the one sure thing that will get us there is to “Become a business friendly City” and El Paso is not there yet.

Hopefully Rep. Emma Acosta’s stated disagreement of the proposed increase of parking meter fees will gain traction with other members of council and this idiotic idea will be tossed out.

Call your City Representative and voice your opinion.


Displaying blog entries 1-5 of 5

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