Todays  El Paso Times headline is about the city having the desire to increase parking meter fees from $.75 per hour to a whopping $2.50 per hour and to expand the time an additional 4 hours to 10:00 pm.  This brilliant idea in order to add to the city coffers by taking advantage of the traffic that the new ball park is certain to create.  

Is this an April fool’s joke or is the City simply foolish? 

The folks down at city hall live in a bubble of blindness.  If their goal is to discourage people from coming downtown, which has a limited amount of parking already, increasing the parking meter costs will do it!  It’s unfortunate that most government employees have no idea that more regulations, higher taxes and bureaucratic intrusion, discourage businesses from starting up or expanding.  The cities role should be one of making it easier for business to succeed not erecting more barriers.

Why aren't they working on innovative ideas that would encourage more people to visit the businesses downtown?  Ideas like, free parking would bring more commerce to business, encouraging them to hire more people who in turn spend more money on other products, that’s the way economies expand and bring vibrancy to communities. 

It’s my opinion that, if El Paso wants to reach its potential, the one sure thing that will get us there is to “Become a business friendly City” and El Paso is not there yet.

Hopefully Rep. Emma Acosta’s stated disagreement of the proposed increase of parking meter fees will gain traction with other members of council and this idiotic idea will be tossed out.

Call your City Representative and voice your opinion.