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Buying a Resale home in El Paso, Texas

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Buying a resale home

Try to remember that it is not a new home!

After you have negotiated the sales price, you will have paid a nominal fee ($25-100) for the right to terminate the offer within a specified number of days.

During this time you will be doing your due diligence, such as a home and termite inspection and any other inspection you want to have done.

After you do the inspection,  then through your Agent,  you will negotiate for repairs with the seller. Sometimes it is better to just get a credit  at closing in lieu of repairs and get them done by people you know and trust unless it is a lender required repair and in that situation they would have to be done prior to closing.

Thinking of buying or selling a home in the El Paso Region? We want to represent you  through the whole process. Give us a call at Dan Olivas and Associates 915-584-5430

Real Estate Service is About Meeting Your Needs!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

The difference in El Paso real estate service may vary from agent to agent, in some cases the difference can be subtle and other cases it can be blatant.  Here are some things that you as a client might want to pay close attention to when you are seeking a Realtor to represent your interests.

Number one: Ask them to share with you 4 or 5 of their most recent clients information so that you can contact them if you wish to?

Number two: Ask them to outline their strategy in working with clients, (If their strategy is not totally client based this could be a red flag).  Every client has a personal reason for buying or selling and it’s around that reason that your agent should be formulating their strategy!

Number three:  Ask your agent to identify two examples of extraordinary service in real estate.

Number four: Ask your agent if they have developed a team that can ensure that when it comes to related needs within the real estate transaction your will get top notch service and extraordinary service.

As I continue to post blogs I will add more details on this subject;

When it comes to your real estate needs within the El Paso and Southern New Mexico area, we will earn your trust. Call Dan Olivas and Associates at 915-584-5430.

Moving into your new El Paso home!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Moving can be a stress filled ordeal.  Please don’t compound the situation by hiring the lowest price mover you can and I say this from experiences that I have seen some of my clients go through.  They thought they had gotten a good deal only to find out that once their furniture was loaded up the price changed and now their furniture was being held for ransom.  

The reason given for the change in price was always the same, the load was bigger than they calculated.  Don’t get caught up in one of these scams, always hire a firm with a good reputation - you don’t want you move to El Paso and into your new El Paso home to be  ruined by a shady mover.

What a rewarding profession!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I was thinking this morning about what I find rewarding in what I do and this is what I came up with:  meeting new families and then being able to help them buy or sell their home is one of the wonderful perks of being in this great profession called real estate.  Being able to accommodate the buyer’s reasons for wanting to buy a home is something that one never tires of.  This profession has taught me so much and one of the most important lessons has been the art or skill of listening to all the important personal individual reasons for their wanting to buy.  People buy for their reasons not mine and I hope I never lose sight of this.  You can’t have a bigger rush then to see someone embark on a new journey in their new home where they will now create life long memories.

At Dan Olivas and Associates we feel that helping families like yours create life long memories in your new home is a Nobel endeavor. 

Our El Paso real estate market is doing well; nice homes priced correctly are selling. Interest rates remain low.  Call us! 

Buyers Buy For Their Reasons Not Yours!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

When it comes to buying a home nobody likes being sold!  Residential real estate is a very personal and emotional decision - buyers buy for their own reasons.  Successful agents find out what these reasons are and then help facilitate the sale based on those reasons.  It’s very important not only to learn, but also to understand the personal and emotional components involved in the process.  This can only be accomplished by agents listening with purpose to the buyer’s reasons for buying and believing that they, the agent, can serve as a catalyst to the buyer reaching their goals.  This is why building relationships is important: with all things being equal, buyers prefer to do business with people they like and trust, and with all things not being equal buyers still prefer to do business with people they like and trust.

Bottom line is: buyer’s reasons for buying certainly vary, but several things remain constant, those agents that become the most successful in this profession of real estate know the importance of:

  1. Building strong relationships
  2. Helping  buyers solve problems and
  3. Helping buyers attain what they want

El Paso market continues to show signs of being and getting stronger.

Dan Olivas and Associates are committed to earn your confidence by helping you reach your goals.  


Knowledge Is Everything!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Are you in the market for a home here in

El Paso?  


What is the best way for you to determine the value of any particular home?

Go to Zillow?

Go to Trulia?

Have confidence in your agent?

The answer is easy, have confidence in your agent and here is why this answer is easy:

Your agent knows this market, hopefully you have chosen to work with Dan, Patti or John from Dan Olivas & Associates.

Your agent will have all the correct sales prices for all the comparable homes that have sold.

Your agent represents your best interest.

Dog Parking!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

I have three dogs Fizbo, Max and Peggy.  There are two Bichons and Peggy a Maltese.  Their first adventure to a dog park resulted in all three having a great time and their reaction was totally different than the way they act around other dogs while restrained on their leashes. The socialization and interaction with other dogs at the park and their owners was a great experience.

The park is in an area surrounded by residential homes off of High Ridge in West El Paso and it is divided into two areas, small dogs and big dogs.

If you haven’t taken your dogs to a dog park I highly recommend it.  Find a dog park in your area - your dogs will love it.  You will be amazed at how much fun your dogs will have and how much fun you will have watching them.

Have fun Dog Parking!



EL Paso Independent School District!

by Dan & Patti Olivas


Trust in the community, worried employees, financial shortfalls and above all student results that are less than stellar.  As you can see, the new Administration and the appointed Board of Managers have multifaceted challenges.  While these challenges have existed in many cases long before they came along, they are now theirs to own and to solve.

Apparently the previous administration, for whatever reason, presented a budget using overstated revenues and understated expenses.  The budget seems to have been predicated on inflated enrollment numbers.  In fact, all of their graphing information clearly showed that enrollment was decreasing and the district was on a downward trend. A drop of 1600 students equals a shortfall in revenues of 8 to 9 million dollars.  When you couple this with budgeting expenditures of teacher’s raises and increased health benefits that were based on that non existing revenue you have created a multifaceted challenge if not a downright disaster.  Spoiler Alert - You can’t spend money you don’t have! (That is of course unless you’re our Congress, but that’s another blog).  But there was money spent that did not exist.  Teachers were hired that there were no positions for.

Why didn’t the new administration or the Board of Managers catch this glaring overstatement of revenue?  The reason, I guess, could be as simple as: when they came in to office the budget had already been set and they did not have the luxury of time to go over the budget in detail.  We will go with that until it’s proven otherwise.  At this point, it matters little what the reasons are.  This problem now sits squarely in the lap of the new superintendent Juan Cabrera and the Board of Managers.  They have to stand up, own it and put forth their proposed solutions to fix it.

So how do you take ownership of a multifaceted down right disaster you didn’t create? The first thing is to be truthful about the problems and their scope.  Each issue needs to be addressed.

1. Trust: you combat lack of trust by being forthright; saying what you mean and meaning what you say, you do what you say you will do.

2. Worried Employees: It’s my understanding the over hiring of teachers will not result in anyone losing their job, that through attrition (The natural reduction of teachers due to retirement, resignation etc.) this problem will be solved.  If in fact they are not going to lose their jobs, then tell them so!  And this assurance should come directly from Mr. Cabrera.  This starts a culture of trust and loyalty that is sorely needed. 

3. Fiscal shortfalls: State how and why this occurred without belaboring the point.  Emphasize your intentions to fix the problem, and how these fixes will also improve the culture and efficiencies at EPISD.  How about doing what some other schools out of this area have done?  Have programs where 4 year olds attend school on a full day schedule, this would increase enrollment wouldn’t it?  Or how about something bold like cutting salaries by 5 or 10% off of administrators at the top of the food chain, talk about sending a strong message!  Come up with novel ideas that don’t include tax hikes.

4. Poor student results: This one is the overarching issue that needs to be fixed at all costs even though it has existed for years, in fact decades.  Today is the time to draw a line in the sand and say “No More”!  The community would be relieved and energized to hear a superintendent stand up and speak frankly to the fact that the results of this district are not acceptable.  And let’s be clear, 'this-fixing', this problem has nothing to do with the improvement of scores on those State mandated tests.  It has all to do with developing teaching criteria that motivates, stimulates and invigorates kids to want to learn. It allows good teachers to teach from that point of view “ I can make a difference” and “every kid can learn failure is not an option”.  This inspires kids to want to stay in school!  All of this has one aim, to insure that we end up with kids that are truly college ready.

From here on out this administration and the Board of Managers must convey, not only through their statements but by their actions, to the community that they understand that their responsibility is to be laser sharp on what’s best for the kids and their future.  I also say no bond issues- not until you demonstrate results that prove our kids are getting a first class education that is preparing them for the future. 

Everyday every person that has anything to do with EPISD should be able to answer the question “what have you done today to insure that my kids are prepared for a successful life and are college ready?” 

 I believe this Administration and the current Board of Managers can have an enormous impact in setting EPISD on the right course, but they are going to need the communities support, and that goes back to the trust issue.    

Parents also need to elevate their role in the success of their children. Without Parental involvement the likelihood of a child being successful in school and in life is very low (This sounds like the subject for another blog).

The success or failure of this administration and Board of Managers will rest on these simple words: "What policies have you put in place that will insure a change in the efficiencies, culture and afford our children the best opportunity to be successful"?

Thou Shall Not!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Mortgage Companies many times will update your credit file prior to closing. This is your guide of things that you do not want to do without first checking with your loan officer and your Agent (Dan Olivas and Associates)

1.     Do not co-sign a loan for anyone!  

2.     Do not change your bank accounts!  This will cause you a headache in trying to explain why you did this and could cause a delay in closing as the mortgage company re-verifies your account.

3.     Do not make any large  deposits to your account. Any unusual deposits into your account could be a red flag to the mortgage company and will require further explanation.

4.     Do not do anything that is going to originate an inquiry into your credit.  Again this will just cause you to have to write an explanation.

5.     Do not spend the money you have set aside for closing.

6.     Do not leave  any debts off your loan application.

7.     Do not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.   This will throw a monkey wrench into your home buying process.

8.     Do not let any monthly or revolving accounts become delinquent.  This is a deal killer.

9.     Do not buy a new car, truck or van.  Unless you want to live in it… (Just being funny!)

You have done all the hard work to position yourself to buy a home, don't  let any one of these items mentioned above derail your plans.

The next step is to enjoy your new home!!

If you have any real estate questions, feel free to call Dan Olivas and Associates

 915-584-5430 office

915-241-0735  Dan Olivas

915-241-0087  Patti Olivas

Shoppers Explore The Railroad Box Cars!!

by Dan & Patti Olivas

Driving on Mesa Street between Executive and Festival, you can’t help but see the sprawling and imaginative display of beautiful apartments called Monticello.  What are not yet as noticeable are the quaint shops and restaurants that are next to and in between the Monticello. This distinctive project will add choices in eating and shopping locations on the West side.  The use of old railroad box cars is a clever idea that will certainly add ambiance to the experience.  As I walked along the winding path ways that lead from little shops carved out of converted box cars to the more expansive shops constructed with a whimsical use of concrete, tin and wood, I couldn't help but picture myself in another city distant from El Paso.  The feel was definitely a community minded type of intimacy, if you know what I mean.

The passageways in some places are narrower than in others: some made of concrete others of wood, and if you keep walking you inevitably come across various patios where I assume there will be ample seating. I would anticipate that once this great discovery opens there will be aromas of great food and sounds of people having conversation, laughing, and simply having a great time.  I found at least a couple of restaurants being constructed.  I have no doubt that this shopping center will quickly become a popular place to meet up with friends and to explore all its nooks and crannies, then settle into one of the hot new restaurants to enjoy a great meal, a cold beer, or simply a glass of wine.  This will be a great addition to El Paso. 





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