Driving on Mesa Street between Executive and Festival, you can’t help but see the sprawling and imaginative display of beautiful apartments called Monticello.  What are not yet as noticeable are the quaint shops and restaurants that are next to and in between the Monticello. This distinctive project will add choices in eating and shopping locations on the West side.  The use of old railroad box cars is a clever idea that will certainly add ambiance to the experience.  As I walked along the winding path ways that lead from little shops carved out of converted box cars to the more expansive shops constructed with a whimsical use of concrete, tin and wood, I couldn't help but picture myself in another city distant from El Paso.  The feel was definitely a community minded type of intimacy, if you know what I mean.

The passageways in some places are narrower than in others: some made of concrete others of wood, and if you keep walking you inevitably come across various patios where I assume there will be ample seating. I would anticipate that once this great discovery opens there will be aromas of great food and sounds of people having conversation, laughing, and simply having a great time.  I found at least a couple of restaurants being constructed.  I have no doubt that this shopping center will quickly become a popular place to meet up with friends and to explore all its nooks and crannies, then settle into one of the hot new restaurants to enjoy a great meal, a cold beer, or simply a glass of wine.  This will be a great addition to El Paso.