Mortgage Companies many times will update your credit file prior to closing. This is your guide of things that you do not want to do without first checking with your loan officer and your Agent (Dan Olivas and Associates)

1.     Do not co-sign a loan for anyone!  

2.     Do not change your bank accounts!  This will cause you a headache in trying to explain why you did this and could cause a delay in closing as the mortgage company re-verifies your account.

3.     Do not make any large  deposits to your account. Any unusual deposits into your account could be a red flag to the mortgage company and will require further explanation.

4.     Do not do anything that is going to originate an inquiry into your credit.  Again this will just cause you to have to write an explanation.

5.     Do not spend the money you have set aside for closing.

6.     Do not leave  any debts off your loan application.

7.     Do not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job.   This will throw a monkey wrench into your home buying process.

8.     Do not let any monthly or revolving accounts become delinquent.  This is a deal killer.

9.     Do not buy a new car, truck or van.  Unless you want to live in it… (Just being funny!)

You have done all the hard work to position yourself to buy a home, don't  let any one of these items mentioned above derail your plans.

The next step is to enjoy your new home!!

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