Imagine having music, video and audio uploads and downloads available at a city center interactive video wall. There is only one such Wall in the world and it’s in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Oh wait—there will soon be two walls.  The other will be right here in El Paso, Texas.

 The El Paso Museum of History will have the first Touch City Digital Wall in the United States.  This wall will be 36 feet long by 5 feet high (4 gigantic plasma screens). It will quickly become a destination place for those that live in the El Paso region as well as for tourists.

The Wall will be informative, engaging and connecting.  Anyone will be able to send postcards and emails to anywhere in the world. Everyone can upload images to and from the Wall from their home location or at the Wall.  Best of all, the interaction with this wall will be free.

With initiatives like this, El Paso is transforming itself from a city that watches innovative things happen to a city that is making things happen. The wall will allow this region to promote its history and culture.

The wall will be located down town across the street from the new ball park and in front of the El Paso Museum of History.  This $3 million dollar project was made possible by El Pasoans’ approving of the last quality of life bond initiative.  This will truly be a glittering jewel for El Paso and the region. It is to be completed by late 2014.