Today, my dad and I visited Vic's BBQ at 232 Torres. It's an unlikely place to find a gem of this quality, but make no mistake, it is a serious contender in the always boastful yet oft-disappointing barbecue market here in West Texas. Vic and his wife Ofelia gave us the hands-on tour of the kitchen and the smoking pit out back. As Vic explained the processes he was using for the menu items, Ofelia would appear with a sample of each, and over the course of our hour-long tour we tried just about everything on the menu. Vic's vision is to fill a catering niche left void by corporate America's wanting attempt's at first class Texas barbecue. Their product is anything but wanting. From the special oak brought in from a proprietary source deep in Texas (grown on the banks of a certain river, moss covered and filled with natural sugars) to the top quality meats and signature seasonings, Vic's creates an awesome, near perfect tour-de-force taste extravaganza.

As one would expect, the brisket with its perfect bark and smoke ring, is amazing and tender with well rendered fat (but not too much). Other items included are a delicious jalapeno smoked sausage, smoked chicken and my favorite, high quality, locally sourced turkey smoked to perfection. Incredibly, they have mastered a mac and cheese that is simply superb as well as beans and slaw that are all one-off's and done right. It would take a book to write of the alchemy Vic employs back in the smoking pit, so take it from your taste buds, his energy and craftsmanship turn Oak, meat and hard work into golden flavors you won't soon forget. While there is no seating or in-store dining, the doors are open Wednesday through Saturday 11 am to 6 pm. I recommend getting there before 2 pm as they may be long out of some of the popular items. If you are looking to wow a large crowd consider bumping up your game with Vic's and a claim bragging rights among your friends for turning them on to this new up and coming king of El Paso Barbecue.

Story provided by John Olivas