I was thinking this morning about what I find rewarding in what I do and this is what I came up with:  meeting new families and then being able to help them buy or sell their home is one of the wonderful perks of being in this great profession called real estate.  Being able to accommodate the buyer’s reasons for wanting to buy a home is something that one never tires of.  This profession has taught me so much and one of the most important lessons has been the art or skill of listening to all the important personal individual reasons for their wanting to buy.  People buy for their reasons not mine and I hope I never lose sight of this.  You can’t have a bigger rush then to see someone embark on a new journey in their new home where they will now create life long memories.

At Dan Olivas and Associates we feel that helping families like yours create life long memories in your new home is a Nobel endeavor. 

Our El Paso real estate market is doing well; nice homes priced correctly are selling. Interest rates remain low.  Call us!